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As of January 2014, please visit my new blog at caivail.tumblr.com for all new work and process stuff. Thanks!

Process- tooth and claw

Here's some process pics of a small piece I recently finished. I used a white ferret as reference (though the tail is decidedly squirrellier), but others have called it a badger, a mink, and my mother thought it was a polar bear. Shrug.
Prints and more are available of this piece in the shop - society6.com/crookedteethandfeather


"Cicadas" - pen, watercolor, and gouache on paper. Prints (framed and unframed, on stretched canvas, and in various sizes) now available in my Society6 shop. society6.com/crookedteethandfeather
I'm quite proud of how this gal turned out. The level of minute detail was perhaps a bit ambitious, but I learned a lot in the process and am definitely going to be exploring the use of stippling more in upcoming drawings. I post a lot more process photos up on my Instagram (@cai_vail); also check out the creepycreative IG account, who I discovered when they featured a detail shot of this piece. It's a really well-curated group of grotesque and beautiful art from a lot of great artists on Instagram.

New piece in progress

New watercolor piece in progress featuring itty-bitty kingfishers. Similar subject matter to my other recent work, but I'm challenging myself to use only watercolor - no ink - and keep the same level of detail. Slow going, but I'm liking the lusher look.

Workspace Distractions

Still-in-process Redhead/Redwing piece. I tried to get a better picture but SOMEBODY (I'm not pointing fingers, but this somebody has six-toed paws and a knack for being cute on top of artwork that has yet to dry) is working on her own portfolio. Her sexy languid cat modeling portfolio.

Hikari Shimoda

Hikari Shimoda's oil paintings of demon-mylittlepony-manga-esque children are batshit insane, terrifying, and absolutely delightful. They may be haunted. I can't stop looking.
Find more of her work at hikari-s.tumblr.com

Billions and Billions

Process of today's drawing of the day. Watercolor and ink on paper, 7"x 28".


Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

Brilliant video by Edson Oda and others. I've never seen illustrated storytelling done in this way, it's so innovative and I'm really looking forward to seeing more boundary-breaking graphic art in the future.

I need these plates

Gorgeous plates from Jason Miller (jasonmiller.us) that appear to combine broken dishware and original designs. I'll be stealing the redwing birds for my next drawing, thank you.